About Us


It all started when...

DeAnne Pride is a native to Arizona, and a resident of Gilbert. She has a wonderful husband and four children and four (so far) grandchildren that she adores! Just before opening her shop in 2017, she worked at Albertson's for nearly 17 years. She was in the Air Force in her early career and worked as a crew chief on C-130's while also on active duty. She then moved on to C-5's in the active reserves to finish her military career.

DeAnne has worn many hats including an EMT, Phlebotomist, Bartender, Realtor, Aircraft painter, Fuel system repairs, and several others. DeAnne actually liked all of the jobs she did over the years and she looks at most opportunities to learn something new.

DeAnne is obsessed with water and has a passion for all things Organic and natural. Finding out that people don't like water or find it boring inspired her to make a place where water was fun, enticing, tasty and not boring! Hoping to inspire others to infuse their lives with goodness and more amazing good for you water the Water bar was developed! Branching off on her own and opening up an Infused water Bar is by far one of by biggest, scariest adventures she has ever taken, and other than her children and grandchildren, she hopes this is one of her best adventures yet!