Come Hangout With Us!

Are you tired of never being able to find a nice, comfortable spot to hangout and relax? Or maybe you wanted to get out of the house to study and work on homework in a creative space? Well look no further because we are just the place for you! We are centrally located in Gilbert with easy access to our shop from the road. We offer an inviting seating area with both tables & chairs, as well as a comfortable seating area filled with cozy chairs. We offer FREE WiFi and kids are always welcomed in our Kids Zone! 


Cozy Seating Area

Come sit and relax, or get some work done in our quiet seating area. We have tables and cozy, cushioned chairs that surround a coffee table with room for conversation or relaxation. 

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Free Wifi & Charging Stations

We offer our customers a cool place to hangout and escape the desert heat, so be sure to stay connected with our free wifi. We also offer charging stations and outlets up at the bar seating area. 


The Kids Zone

Make sure to bring the kiddos on in as we have an area especially designated to children. The Kids Zone offers fun toys, games and activities, a small picnic bench, comfy pillows, a fish tank, and HD flat screen TV! The kids will be sure to stay busy while you work or relax.